Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

22 Nov 2017

Alice, tranformação e a identidade de gênero!

Quem sou eu no mundo? - Ah, esse é o grande enigma! Alice disse. 

Matéria no Fantástico sobre crianças transgênero, se apropria das aventuras de Alice como um espelho para a discussão de questões de identidade de gênero e transformação corporal. A borboleta é um símbolo para esse movimento. 

São pequenos fragmentos de animação ao longo do programa. 
Muito interessante, autal e urgente. 
Momentos das animações: 11 min. / 13 min. / 18 min. / 20 min. / 23 min. / 32 min.

2 Nov 2017

From "10 Clues to Unlock Paris"

10 Clues to Unlock Paris from MESSY NESSY - Cabinet of chic curiosities

BEYOND THE MIRROR at Clouste Gulbenkian Museum Portugal

"Beyond the Mirror, a title that deliberately alludes to the world of Alice Liddell, the heroine created by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898), is a thematic exhibition, which takes the mirror as its main focus. The intention is to show the polysemic presence of this object in the iconography of European art, particularly within painting, but also in sculpture, books, photography and film."

Eduardo Luiz (Braga, 1932 – Paris, 1988). 
“Alice’s hand [La Main d’Alice]”, 1983

"Mirrors are particularly interesting objects since they have the ability to transport us to other dimensions, leading us into the realms of spirituality, dreams, or even nightmares. 

Artists employ mirrors for various reasons, as they can both reveal and disguise elements of the scenes that are represented. They offer infinite visual possibilities including, most obviously, that of accurately reflecting reality."

Wladimir Lukianowitsch von Zabotin 
(Buschinka-Niemerowskaja, 1884 – Karlsruhe, 1967). 
“The girl in the mirror [Mädchen im Spiegel]”, 1922-27. 

2 Oct 2017

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Discover the sweet pink world of Alice in Wonderland that India Mahdavi designed in the VitraHaus Loft.


"VitraHaus, the flagship store in Weil am Rhein, Germany, of the high-end (think Eames) Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, commissioned architect/designer India Mahdavi to make an exhibit/playroom on their top floor with an Alice in Wonderland theme." Mark Burstein

13 Aug 2017

Alice of the world: wake up!

"Alice é um portal enigmágico, um mapa em movimento, um caminho inesgotável, um jardim de metamorflores e borboletras híbridas. Palavras inventadas, um convite ao despertar."

Texto e colagem: Adriana Peliano